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The Hard Drive as Eye Candy (3/8/07)
External hard drives will soon don brushed aluminum cases,
decorator colors and glowing blue or amber lights .

The Dilemma Over Future Storage Formats (12/7/06)
It is depressing to realize that, even with all the technology
in the world, we still have no truly permanent storage
format for our data, audio and video.

New 1TB Desktop External HD Goes for $500 (10/2/06)
Buffalo Technology's new DriveStation Duo ranges
from 500GB to 1.5TB in capacity

Don’t Keep All Your Data in One Stash (9/7/06)
What if something happens to both your PC and your backup?

Big, Safe Data Storage (6/27/06)
If you have a big selection of MP3 files, shoot digital photos, edit your own videos, or are responsible for a small business, you need to know what a Network Attached Storage device (NAS) is.

Anthology's appliance does NAS well and lots more (5/22/06)
Reviewing terabyte-plus network-attached storage appliances.

Iomega's Wireless Terabyte NAS (5/18/06)
Iomega offers the StorCenter 1TB for homes and small businesses

One-Button Data Backup in a Tiny Package (5/18/06)
Maxtor OneTouch III Mini Edition. As big as an iPod and can
back up your PC drive with the click of a button

A Big Yellow Garage for All Your Data (4/27/06)
The Yellow Machine, a storage device that holds nearly a terabyte

Seagate Sharpens Teeth of New Barracuda Hard Drive (4/26/06)
Device squeezes 750GB of digital storage space onto a single disk drive for desktop computers and low-end servers.

Now It's Easy to Back Up Data on a Network (3/30/06)
It pays to have an external second drive that you
keep apart from your computer.

Networked Storage Heads for Homes (3/21/06)
Storage companies are betting a technology once
reserved for businesses.

SanDisk - Picture of success (3/13/06)
CEO Eli Harari invented the use of memory chips
to store digital photos on tiny, removable cards.

The Wired Home (3/12/06)
Networking gear and other technology devices are
making it easier for homeowners to control household
electronics with the touch of a button

Not Just a Flash in the Pan (3/9/06)
Will flash displace all other storage technologies?

Keeping Our Bits About Us (2/27/06)
When it comes to preserving your digital heritage,
backup is only the beginning.

In Sony's Stumble, the Ghost of Betamax (2/26/06)
Consumers may be in for a reprise of the confusing
VHS-Betamax showdown of the early 1980's.

Hard Drive Sales Spiral Upward (2/6/06)
Sales of hard disk drive units to grew by 25 percent in 2005.

Storing Your Digital Images (2/5/06)
If you value your digital images, you should
have a proper backup system in place.

Lights. Mood. Video. All at the Touch of a Screen (2/2/06)
The promise of a remote control home has
buzzed around consumers' ears for decades

EMC Announces Petabyte Drive Array (1/30/06)
The DMX-3 can now scale from 96 to 2,400 drives
in a single frame for up to 1 petabyte of capacity

Western 500 GB Digital Hard Drive Rolls Out (1/27/06)
WD Caviar SE 16 provides a half-terabyte of desktop hard drive capacity

Cisco taking steps toward living room (1/19/06)
Home entertainment and networking products rolling out for crowded market.

Flash Dazzles, but Hard Drive Still Has a Role (1/9/06)
Flash memory, was one of the stars of the
International Consumer Electronics Show last week.

Data, Data, Everywhere (1/9/06)
Megaterabyte databases are getting downright common,
but managing them is anything but routine.

Samsung Sees Fast NAND Growth in 2006 (1/6/06)
NAND-type flash memory to continue on a sharp growth track in 2006,
fueled by the popularity of devices like portable music players.

What Seagate-Maxtor deal means for users (1/05/06)
Analysis of Seagate’s acquisition of Maxtor

Now the Legalese Rootkit: Sony-BMG's EULA (11/9/05)
If your house gets burgled, you have to delete all your music from your laptop when you get home. And there's more.

SonyBMG Litigation and Rootkit Info (12/9/05)

By including a flawed and overreaching computer program in over 20 million music CDs sold to the public, Sony BMG has created serious security, privacy and consumer protection problems that have damaged music lovers everywhere.

Disk mini: External Storage You Can Share (11/21/05)

LaCie's Ethernet Disk mini is one way to add another 300GB of space to your digital library without breaking a sweat.

Sony CD woes may have had roots in merger (11/18/05)
Sony to recall all CD's with ill-fated copy protection software.
Sony Music CDs surreptitiously install DRM Trojan horses on PCs , 11/1/05
certain CDs from Sony Music come with a Trojan horse-based digital restrictions management (DRM) technology that surreptitiously installs itself.
Maxtor Breaks 500-GB Barrier (10/25/05)
Maxtor Corp. said that it had entered the half-terabyte storage market, announcing drives for the PC, CE and enterprise markets.

Japanese holographic storage firm to ship 200GB drives (10/24/05)

Optware Corp. expects to ship three iterations of its high-density
products by the end of 2006
Maxtor OneTouch Drive Hits A Terabyte (10/17/05)
Maxtor announced its new Maxtor OneTouch™ III, Turbo Edition external storage drive, with capacities up to one terabyte .
What is DjVu?
DjVu (pronounced "déjà vu") is a new image compression technology that allows content developers to scan high-resolution color pages of printed pages, historical or ancient documents, and make them available on the Web.
Latest HD-DVD-vs-Blu-ray salvos (10/13/05)

The format battle has reached new, vociferous heights with the latest claims and counterclaims.

In a Flash, Hard-Drive Memory Fading (10/3/05)
Though hard-drive and micro-hard-drive devices have dominated the MP3 player market, flash-memory performance, price and popularity are all improving at such a clip that some analysts believe it will overtake the hard drive in the very near future.

Bargains in a Flash (9/29/05)
Apple has thrown the market for flash memory into a tizzy: forcing prices up for other manufacturers and driving prices down for consumers.

What is a Petabyte?
A petabyte is a unit of information or computer storage equal to one quadrillion bytes
DVD FLAMBE (9/29/05)

test matrix designed to prove whether cheapo store-brand DVDs could stand up to their pricier—and supposedly more robust—variants

New Maxtor Drive Adds Automated Backup Functionality (8/31/05)
Maxtor Corp. of Milpitas, Calif., has introduced a new network drive that includes a built-in media server to allow users to simultaneously back up, share and print digital files from one common location.

Hitachi to Unleash Terabyte DVD Recorder (8/25/05)
The company unveiled plans to ship a new hard disk drive DVD recorder that can store one terabyte of data on two 500 gigabyte hard disk drives.

Secrets to Good Hard-Drive Hygiene (7/21/05)
My cousin Steven Cristol should enter the lottery: he's already beaten seemingly impossible odds by enduring "seven mechanical hard drive failures in five computers," as he describes it.

Big storage on the cheap (7/4/05)
Now you can assemble a petabyte storage system in your living room that could make the Pentagon jealous.
Home storage to bolster hard-drive growth (6/29/05)
Storing all of those digital photos and on-demand TV shows on your computer should keep sales brisk for hard-drive manufactures for at least the next four years, a new study has shown.

Networked Storage in the Home (5/23/05)
Your Data from Any PC. Network attached storage (NAS) is huge in corporate IT functions, but NAS hasn't been on the radar for many home users.
Digital Preservation (June 2005)
Architecture and Technology for Trusted Digital Repositories. Can we preserve a digital object for at least one-hundred years? Can we answer questions such as "Is this object the digital original"? or "How old is this digital object"? What does it mean to be
a trusted repository of digital materials?
Capturing the Unicorn, the New Yorker (4/11/05)
the Metropolitan Museum of Art digitally photographed the Unicorn tapestries from the Cloisters to preserve a record of the colors and front and back images. a story of adventure and discovery in the world of digital archiving.
Digital Memories, Piling Up, May Prove Fleeting (11/10/04)
The nation's 115 million home computers are brimming over with personal treasures -- millions of photographs, music of every genre, college papers, the great American novel and, of course, mountains of e-mail messages. Yet no one has figured out how to preserve these electronic materials for the next decade, much less for the ages.